When it comes to Internet browsers there are a multitude of options to choose from but two in particular, Internet Explorer and Safari, are perhaps the most ubiquitous. This is due to the fact that every new version of a Windows operating system comes with Internet Explorer already installed, the same goes for Safari coming with every version of Mac OS that releases. Recently, Microsoft has announced that they will be “retiring” Internet Explorer and instead be focusing on a new standard web browser codenamed “Spartan” with no additional information included. For some this will mean having to spend time to get familiar with the function of a new web browser, which can be frustrating especially if said person has been using the same browser for a number of years. But for many others, this is something that has been predicted for quite some time due to a dramatic shift in the consumer market.

It wasn’t too long ago that Internet Explorer and Safari were the two most used browsers (close to 90% of the market in 2008). Then in late 2008, Google released their own web browser called Google Chrome that while slow to being adopted by consumers is now being used by over 62% of users accessing the Internet (Firefox is the next closest at 23%). Both Internet Explorer and Safari barely make up 11% of total online users and it is a primary reason why Microsoft has finally decided to scrap the program and start all over from scratch.

Why this dramatic change in something as simple as a web browser, something most people consider a means to just look up stuff online? Many criticisms levied against Internet Explorer have included cluttered interface with unnecessary features, poor customer support, overall slowness in function, and serious security exploits in the programing.

So whether or not you decide to make the switch to google Chrome or Firefox, or are going to wait for the Microsoft’s new Spartan browser, FreedomNet Solutions would like to help facilitate your transfer to a new browser. With Internet speeds of up to 6mbps and servicing much of rural Michigan, we pride ourselves in being the #1 wireless Internet provider in the state that offers no limits Internet not bound by the data restrictions of other providers.

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