internet-in-the-countryAs Point to Point Wireless becomes more prominent in rural areas, many people wonder how exactly internet is fed to their specific location. In this blog we will be discussing Wireless Backhauls and their effect on providing our service towers with internet.

On each individual tower we set up equipment called access points. Each access point can handle a certain amount of bandwidth dependent upon its wireless frequency. As a company that provides Internet in the country, we must then provide each tower that doesn’t have fiber running directly into it with a wireless backhaul. A wireless backhaul provides the internet to the access points from the central fiber locations. This is an excellent way for FreedomNet to provide better country internet speed to customers looking for faster options than dial-up or DSL service.

It is very important for FreedomNet to carefully set up their networks where they ensure each tower receives enough bandwidth based off of user demand. Backhauls come in different frequencies as well as different throughput options.

As FreedomNet continues upgrading our towers with new frequencies and backhauls, our upgraded packages will become more available throughout our network. If you would like to know if your area is scheduled for an upgrade, please contact your local internet provider FreedomNet at (866)669-4737 ext. 2.