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YouTube TV: A couple weeks ago, YouTube announced plans to launch a subscription-based streaming service known as YouTube TV. Like the name implies, this is a cord-cutting measure for consumers who want the ability to stream live television from popular channels such as the big 4 (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX), the main ESPN channels, and others such as the Big 10 Network and USA. For a $35 a month subscription, consumers may add up to 6 accounts with 3 devices streaming at once. There is also access to YouTube Red which is Youtube’s premium version of its popular video streaming website that gives users access to original content. Sadly, no Time Warner or Viacom channels, so no CNN or Cartoon Network, and also no HBO.

While this may not seem impressive by itself, especially when compared to other services like PlayStation TV or DirectTV Now, this service has a distinct advantage in that there is no online storage limit for saved shows, which can be recorded DVR-style for as many shows as you want. These saved episodes will be archived for at least 9 months giving users a large online library of saved media they can have easy access to using a compatible device, which is most iOS and Android devices and those that support the YouTube TV app. This can be seen as a welcoming addition that may hopefully drive the competition to improve their own features to better suit customer needs that are increasingly becoming more specific and user-friendly.

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