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Commonly Asked Technical Support Questions

How does wireless internet service work?

FreedomNet uses wireless technology to deliver internet to areas that are likely without any other reliable internet service. Wireless technology uses radio frequencies instead of physical wires to transfer internet signals between the tower and your home or business. A receiver is installed at your address that is within range of a FreedomNet tower, with line-of-sight visibility. Once the signal from the tower reaches your receiver, the internet signal will be transported into your home or business via a networking cable that you can plug into your owned device.

By installing FreedomNet wireless internet, does that mean I’ll automatically be able to connect to the internet wirelessly throughout my home or business?

FreedomNet wireless internet should not be confused with WiFi. Wireless internet delivers the internet signal via a wireless connection to your home or business.  Once it reaches your home or business, the internet signal is transferred over a networking cable, which then needs to be plugged into your internet accessing device in order to connect to the internet. To be able to access the internet wirelessly on any device in your local network (WiFi), you will need to plug our Ethernet cord into a router which will then allow multiple devices to connect to the internet at once.

Do I need a router to use the service?

You do not necessarily need a router to access the internet through our service. Our service can plug directly into an Ethernet port on your device and you can access the internet hard wired to the service.  However, we do highly recommend installing a router. By using a router, you can connect multiple devices to the internet at once via WiFi, and it will provide an extra layer of internet security. If you do not have a router, you are restricted to using the internet only on one device.

What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is an area reserved for customers only. Customers may view and pay their bill, get in contact with FreedomNet representatives, provision their own equipment, and run speed tests. It can be reached via An email and password must be used to login.

How do I log into the Customer Portal?

If you have an email on file with us, you should have received directions on how to log into your Customer Portal. If you cannot locate that email, contact our customer support team and we’ll be able to resend your Customer Portal information to you.

Why am I reaching the restricted access webpage?

There are two reasons why you could reach the restricted access webpage:

  1. Your account is in a delinquent billing status. You may use the link to the Customer Portal provided on the restricted access page or on our website to pay your bill. If you’d prefer to call to make a payment, contact our billing department. Once you pay your bill in full, your internet service will be enabled immediately.
  2. You have connected a new device that has not yet been provisioned with our service. Either use the Customer Portal to provision this device yourself, or contact our customer support department to take care of this for you.
Where can I view my trouble tickets?

You can open or view a trouble ticket with customer support by accessing your Customer Portal. Under the “Contact Us” tab, you see your Existing Support Tickets listed where you can write back to FreedomNet representatives regarding an ongoing issue. If you have a new issue, you can open a new ticket using the “Open New Ticket” field.

What are my plan’s speeds?

Internet service plan speeds are listed here.

How can I upgrade my service plan?

Contact our sales department to see if you’re eligible to be upgraded! Sales can be reached either by phone or opening a ticket in your Customer Portal.

Why did I receive this Malicious Activity notice?

If you are receiving this notice it is because your connection was flagged by our system for the following reasons.

  1. A device on your personal network was trying to scan or infect other devices on the internet.
  2. Spam was being sent from a device on your personal network.
  3. A device on your personal network was participating in a botnet attack.

This is typically not intentional malicious activity on our subscribers’ part but caused by a computer virus or malware.

What should I do?

If you have received this notice we recommend running Antivirus on all devices on your personal network. If you do not have currently have Antivirus on your devices we have a list of popular programs both free and paid listed “here”. If you continue receiving notices we recommend you take your devices to a professional IT repair service such as the Geek squad or a local computer repair shop.

These notices are an effort to keep FreedomNet and their subscribers safe from hackers and attacks on their personal devices and information. If you have further questions please contact us.

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If you have questions regarding your service or need assistance with a service issue, please contact us.

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