Email Setup: Live Mail 2011

Use this guide to configure Windows Live Mail 2011 to work with your FreedomNet Email.

Step 1: Create Your Account

Start Windows Live Mail on the “Accounts” menu, then click “Email.”

Step 2: Username and Password

Add your email address, password, first & last name, and then click “Manually configure server settings.”

Step 3: Configure Server Settings

Make sure “POP” is chosen as the Server Type. In the “Server Address” for both the Outgoing and Incoming server make sure you put: Next, make sure you choose “Requires authentication”. Finally in the Logon user name put your entire email address.

Step 4: Account Added (Not Finished Yet)

Click “Finish”, you are almost done.

Step 5: Account Properties

Under the Accounts menu click “Properties.”

Step 6: Advanced Properties

Check the box “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” for both Outgoing and Incoming mail. Then change the Outgoing number to “465”.

Click OK and you are done!