How to configure router with NAT enabled & why.

One of FreedomNet’s goals is to help you protect yourself, your family, and/or your business from any risks that originate from the internet. We urge you to have safeguards in place to ensure your internal network is secure.  The best way to complete this is to use a router or other firewall-enabled device.

It is important to configure your router or firewall-enabled device in a way that prevents outside threats from being able to access any of your computers, tablets, smartphones, etc that are connected to your local network. This is achieved by enabling NAT (Network Address Translation) in your router. When you use NAT with your router to access the internet, the addresses on your Local Area Network (LAN) are given a single Wide Area Network (WAN) IP address. This lets your devices share the one WAN IP address, which prevents outside devices from seeing your local devices installed behind your router. It makes your network more secure, since traffic to and from the Internet now gets through your router’s address, blocking direct access to your local IP addresses.

The following configuration guides will help you configure your router using NAT (Network Address Translation). Please select your router manufacturer and follow the directions provided.

  1. Asus Router Configuration
  2. Belkin Router Configuration
  3. D-Link Router Configuration
  4. Linksys Router Configuration
  5. Netgear Router Configuration
  6. TP-LINK Router Configuration