TP-Link Router

Perform the steps below to make adjustments to your TP-Link router through the web-based setup page:

FreedomNet Solutions internet is unique because it does not include a modem. Instead, the installed radio takes the place of a traditional cable modem. Anytime a modem is referenced during configuration you may assume that to be the radio.

NOTE:  Images may vary depending on the router model or computer you are using. Please follow the instructions below to secure your private network.

Step 1

To begin you will need the router and its power supply, an Ethernet patch cable and a computer equipped with an Ethernet port.

Step 2 – 5

Follow the steps in the image.

Steps 6

Open your web browser.

Step 7

Go to the routers login page.

Step 8

Enter the username “admin” and the password “password”. Click Log In.

Note: If the default username and password does not work please contact your router’s manufacturer for further assistance.

Step 9

Once you have reached the routers home page, follow the steps in the image.


Your private network is now secure. You may exit the browsing window.