FreedomNet Solutions is excited to inform you that our new no limits internet Premium Package is now available in most areas of our point to multipoint wireless network. For Residential Customers looking for internet in the country, the no limits internet Premium Package is priced at $74.95/Month, which includes all taxes and fees for unlimited internet. For Businesses looking for more bandwidth, our no limits internet Premium Package is $84.95/Month and offers the advantage of a 48 hour response time. The speeds associated with our no limits internet Premium Package are 6Mbps download and 2Mbps upload. Both the download and upload speeds are “up to” speeds.

Residential Premium Package

If you are a residential customer that uses the internet for streaming and/or gaming applications, our no limits internet Premium Package is a great option for you. Having the faster download speeds of 6Mbps allows for customers to surf pages quicker, while avoiding buffer times associated with streaming and gaming. The improved upload speeds are beneficial for customers that use the service for gaming and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Business Premium Package

Businesses looking for a higher bandwidth unlimited internet connection at a competitive rate can look into FreedomNet Solutions no limits internet Business Premium Package. Our Business Premium Package is a fantastic alternative to a T1 line connection. Our no limits internet provides businesses the bandwidth necessary to use VOIP systems and help companies download documents and applications at faster rates.