High Speed Internet TabletGift Ideas That Need High Speed Internet

Looking for great gift ideas for Christmas this year? If so, tablets are becoming more popular than ever. Tablets are portable devices that can be used in any location that has a Wi-Fi connection. A few benefits of owning a tablet include size, e-reading, and entertainment. With FreedomNet Solutions no limits internet service, tablets can be used as often as you would like. In fact, our no limits internet service also allows you to connect as many tablets/devices as well.

Tablets range anywhere from 7-10 inches and most weigh very little. This is ideal for customers that need a device to travel with. With so many books being sold online, using a tablet as an e-reader is becoming more popular. Due to the large storage capacity of tablets, it is very easy to store a library of books on a tablet to read at the customer’s convenience. Finally, entertainment is a very important feature for tablets. Tablets allow customers to listen to music and watch movies on-the-go. Streaming from the tablets allow for applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu to be used.

For our potential and existing customers; if you plan on purchasing a tablet or already have one to use, we recommend looking at our Advanced and Premium Packages. While NO LIMITS INTERNET is very important to have while using these devices, speed is just as important. Both our Advanced Package and Premium Package provide adequate speeds through our point to multipoint wireless internet service. If you have any further questions on tablets or would like to upgrade your speeds, please contact (866) 669-4737 ext. 2