If you’re like us and hate having to use 5 remotes to control all of your entertainment devices, audio receivers are something you may want to check out. There are many benefits in looking at a new receiver for your home, especially if you have no limits internet service through FreedomNet Solutions. By attaining a point to multipoint wireless connection, your receiver will become more versatile than ever, with the ability to stream music from your network.

Audio Reciver to use with no limits internet serviceBesides the versatility of spreading audio throughout the home, new receivers give you the opportunity to have a centrally connected hub for all of your devices. Most receivers now come with up to 5 HDMI Inputs along with up to 2 HDMI Outputs. By plugging in devices such as gaming systems, Blue Ray Players, TV, and more; users only need to control their devices through the receiver as everything will begin interacting.

All in all, no limits internet with FreedomNet Solutions offers customers the ability to use the latest and greatest technology through our faster speed no limits internet packages. If you would like to know, “How do I make my internet faster”, contact FreedomNets Sales Department to speak with a Representative (866) 669 – 4737 ext. 2.