FreedomNet Solutions Point to Multipoint Wireless Network upgrade – Speed Boost for Faster Internet in the Country!

Internet in the Country - Speed Boost!We are excited to announce our latest point to multipoint wireless network upgrades for internet in the country! Throughout our point to multipoint wireless network, we are upgrading our wireless country internet service, each day, we are adding more upgrades to give you better internet in the country. Once these upgrades are completed, you can expect to experience stronger country internet signals, faster no limits internet speeds, and more unlimited internet service plan options.

The upgraded point to multipoint wireless equipment on our new country internet network was designed to provide more no limits internet bandwidth to your home or business. That means you have more no limits internet options. It also means country internet service that allows for you to have faster download speeds and quicker access to email, surfing, streaming and more.

We have been performing upgrades on our point to multipoint wireless country internet network for the past several months, and will continue to upgrade our point to multipoint wireless country internet network for the future. Check out our coverage area to see if your address falls within our country internet network.