No Limits Internet in MichiganThe most obvious difference is the unlimited vs the limited amount of data usage. FreedomNets No Limits Internet in the Country is a great option for customers in rural areas of Michigan to get unlimited internet capable of providing the bandwidth and speed needed to stream and play games online. Satellite providers do not offer no limits internet in the country and force you to pay higher prices if you want more data or usage. If you go over your limit, they either charge you another fee or slow you down, depending on the provider. FreedomNets Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet does not have caps or limits and our prices are very straight forward.

Another big difference between our Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet and satellite is ping/latency. Latency essentially refers to how fast of a response time your internet offers. FreedomNet’s Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet receives a wireless signal from a tower that is a few miles from your home/business, allowing for a very quick response time (around 40 milliseconds). A satellite provider’s ping/latency is usually around 20 times greater than FreedomNets No Limits Internet in Michigan, causing you to sit and wait for your internet to catch up. Satellites high latency is especially bad when playing video games online, where response time is crucial. FreedomNet is a much better option for online video games.

If you live in Michigan and are looking for internet that is better than satellite, please contact us. We would love to see if we have a service option for your address.