No Limits Internet in MichiganAs we continue informing our customers of the benefits of point to multipoint wireless no limits internet in Michigan; latency tends to be a common subject. When searching for country internet, there tends to be limited available options in some rural locations. Normally, customers are left with a few options including Wireless Broadband, Satellite, or Cell Providers.

Besides no limits internet, another major advantage of wireless broadband includes low latency. Latency, in layman’s terms; is the time it takes for a packet of data to reach one point from another.  For our subscribers, applications such as streaming and gaming run smooth on our network due to the low latency. Latency, which is measured in milliseconds; is roughly 20 times better with wireless providers. Those are just a few reasons why wireless provides internet that is better than satellite.

Along with low latency, FreedomNet Solutions now has new packages that provide speeds needed for all types of applications. Having not only the low latency but the faster speeds; customers can enjoy reliable internet service from a local internet provider at very competitive prices.

If you would like to know more about FreedomNet Solutions and the wireless broadband we provide, please contact our sales department at (866)669-4737 ext. 2.