Using a rural VPN connectionVirtual Private Networks are becoming common for companies that require full company access outside of the workplace. Many of the phone calls we receive are regarding VPN networks and the speeds needed to use this type of network. Specifically, a VPN network is used to access secure data off of a private network, through public networks. While most people become concerned with security breaches and security failures; the beauty of VPN networks is they use the same functionality and security measures as the in-office private network. 

For rural areas, there are few important factors that must be considered when looking at using a rural VPN connection. First, having low latency is important as it determines the delay between user actions/commands and the internet response. High latency on a VPN network can make it seem like the VPN connection is lagging or loading very slowly. This is a major issue for Satellite providers that have very high latency. FreedomNet Solutions provides Point to Multipoint Wireless No Limits Internet service connections with low latency. Second, speed is an important factor when using a VPN connection. With FreedomNet, we recommend our Advanced Package or our Premium Package when using a VPN connection. Having adequate download and upload speeds help when downloading and uploading documents/files to the network. Finally, using a No Limits Internet connection is very important because a VPN connection takes up a substantial amount of data use. Country Broadband provided by FreedomNet Solutions with Unlimited Internet is a perfect solution when considering an internet provider for use with a VPN connection. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding both our packages or using a VPN connection, please contact our Sales Department at (866) 669 – 4737 ext. 2.