“We’re 4 days into our 30 day trial with satellite internet, and were already at our data limit, I can’t stand this!”

Michigan internet in the country: no limits!When speaking with potential customers regarding our no limits internet in the country, this is a very common complaint that we hear from satellite internet customers. Satellite country internet providers like HughesNet, Exede, and DishNet all have limits on how much you can use their internet in the country. If you take a look at the country internet monthly plans that they offer, you will notice a section that states the amount of data allowance the satellite country internet user is given each month. Typically, these data allowances will allow for something around 10GB, 15GB, or 25GB per month of usage before the customer will be charged more for going over that data allowance. If you’re looking to use your satellite country internet connection for any sort of streaming or online videogames, you are going to eat through that data allowance quickly. For example, good quality movies on Netflix will use about 2GB per hour. At the most, that gives you about 13 hours of Netflix video streaming, and that’s not counting all of the YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Google Music, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, downloads, uploads, etc., that many country internet users like to do. Having limits with your satellite country internet can really hinder how you use the internet in the country that you are paying for, and when you’re paying anywhere from $60 to $130 to use the internet, it can get really expensive.

Never fear, there is a solution! FreedomNet offers no limits internet on all of our residential country internet packages. A current FreedomNet Residential Customer recently said to me, “We had a satellite service for years and hated the daily usage caps. With FreedomNet, I no longer have to fear and suffer with any daily or monthly usage caps.” With FreedomNet, you don’t have to worry about a data allowance or going over any sort of data cap. We offer unlimited internet that has no limits or caps on the amount of data you use. So if you’re looking to use services like YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Google Music, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, downloads, uploads, etc., go ahead! Our no limits internet has no caps, so you can watch as many movies, listen to as much music, or play as many online video games as you would like.

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