FCC Wireless Funding MichiganThe Federal Communications Commission is in an ongoing effort to provide wireless broadband internet to rural areas. The purpose of this program is “to test how tailored economic incentives can advance the deployments of next-generation networks… in rural, high-cost areas,” with the goal of “robust, scalable, last-mile broadband networks.” FreedomNet Solutions is very committed to providing Michigan rural internet to customers that don’t have other service options.

In an attempt to not only continue expanding service throughout the state of Michigan, federal funding will help grow our current network with the best equipment possible. The FCC Wireless Funding was created to help give a Local Internet Provider such as FreedomNet the opportunity to grow and expand, while providing rural areas with reliable internet service that offers internet that is better than satellite.

Another main focus of the program is to have wireless providers connecting with local, state and tribal communities to provide the service in a cohesive way. Community backing and support ensures country internet remains a prevalent topic for individuals and locations that have never had good options. FreedomNet Solutions is looking to apply for this FCC wireless funding in the near future.