Point to Multipoint Wireless InternetFreedomNet Solutions provides a point to multipoint wireless broadband internet connection to rural areas of Michigan. Some people who live in rural Michigan are unaware of the advantages of a point to multipoint wireless no limits internet connection and how these advantages can benefit their internet experience. In many rural areas of Michigan, traditional forms of broadband internet will not be an option for many years to come. This is mainly due to the high cost of getting the no limits internet to rural areas. FreedomNets point to multipoint wireless internet allows us to feed one central tower with internet, and disperse the bandwidth over radio frequencies to our customers.

No limits internet provided by FreedomNet Solutions offers customers a reliable alternative with speeds quickly increasing. As point to multipoint wireless broadband technology continues to evolve, finding rural no limits internet is getting easier every day. If you are looking for Michigan country internet from a local internet provider with competitive rates; please contact us at (866) 669 – 4737.