Voip phone serviceOver the past few years, Voice over Internet Protocol has slowly begun transitioning into the most affordable way for individuals to use a home phone service. VoIP is a technology that delivers voice communication over the internet. There are many benefits in switching phone services to using a VoIP phone service such as:

  • More affordable monthly bills
  • Very inexpensive equipment
  • Free worldwide calling
  • Better features and functions than traditional phone lines

With the addition of FreedomNet Solutions new Broadband Packages, VoIP is a great option for phone service. Our no limits internet provides users with the necessary bandwidth to use this type of service. If customers are happy with their phone lines, a VoIP connection provides an excellent wireless backup option for that type of phone service. When you are looking into a VoIP connection, it is important to make sure the necessary upload bandwidth is available. Since it is a phone system over the internet, the phone connection requires larger amounts of upload than most other systems. FreedomNet Solutions Advanced No Limits Internet Package and Premium No Limits Internet Package are great options for this service to work well! If you are wondering, “How do I make my internet faster?” Please contact a sales representative at (866)669-4737 ext.2.