Advantages of using a router:

Internet Router – FreedomNet No Limits InternetAs more devices start using wireless technology; the internet will become more widely used in homes. The question is, how do I connect all of my devices to the internet? With Point to Multi Point Wireless internet, a router is needed to connect more than one device. This is a fantastic way for people with mobile devices and tablets, to connect to the internet. By using FreedomNet Solutions Unlimited Internet, customers do not need to worry how many devices they are connecting to the service.

Just like our service, there are no limits as to how many devices you can connect to a router. Here are two ways to connect to a router; the first way is a hardline connection. Much like our connection given to the home, a customer can connect to a router through an Ethernet cable. Most routers have 4 Ethernet connection ports. The second way to connect to a router is wireless. This is the most common way to connect to a router and the most mobile as well. By providing the device with a username and password, a device can be connected to the wireless network where it can get the internet connection (WiFi Signal).

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