What is WISP?A WISP is a Wireless Internet Service Provider that brings internet service to your location via a wireless connection from a Point to Multipoint Wireless service tower. A WISP will mount an antenna on a tower or on a building to transmit a signal, and then install a receiver on the customer’s home or building. A WISP provides a fixed wireless connection to the internet at the location where the equipment is installed.

FreedomNet Solutions is a WISP and the above description is exactly how we provide our No Limits Internet service to our customers. FreedomNets Point to Multipoint Wireless towers are located throughout the state of Michigan to provide our No Limits Internet to Business locations as well as rural homes. FreedomNets service is unlimited, meaning we do not have a cap on how much you use our service. FreedomNet will install a receiver on your home/business that will wirelessly connect to one of our Point to Multipoint Wireless service towers in Michigan. FreedomNet will then run an Ethernet connection into your home/business. You can then connect the device of your choosing to the Ethernet.

A Point to Multipoint Wireless connection to the internet is a great option for a primary connection to the internet or a redundant connection to be used as a backup internet connection.

If you are interested in finding out more about our No Limits Internet service, feel free to visit our website @ FreedomNet.com or call our toll free line @ 866.No.Wires. We would be happy to go over how our no limits internet service can help service your internet needs.