A review from your local internet provider on the Point to Multipoint Wireless – Canopy PMP 450

Local Internet Provider Review - Canopy PMP 450FreedomNet Solutions is excited to announce that we will begin using the new Canopy PMP 450 equipment throughout our point to multipoint wireless no limits internet network! Cambium is one of the leaders in point to multipoint wireless equipment, with the new PMP 450 product allowing for faster no limits internet in the country speeds and more range. This new product will be an excellent solution for customers that need faster no limits internet in the country, along with fantastic wireless backup/redundant internet service for businesses. Each customer radio is capable of up to 90Mbps which is a great option at a competitive price from FreedomNet Solutions, your local internet provider.

With the new Canopy equipment available to purchase, point-to-multipoint wireless no limits internet options will allow for FreedomNet, as your local internet provider, to extend services to new areas by adding additional towers that we were not able to reach before. If you have any questions regarding the new Canopy PMP 450 equipment, please feel free to contact our sales department at (866) 669-4737 ext. 2