Additional Services

In order to get the most out of your Wireless Internet in the Country, we offer these additional services.

Protection Plan

As a FreedomNet account holder, you are responsible for the equipment that is leased from FreedomNet (antenna or dish, subscriber module, surge suppressor, power supply, cabling, mounting brackets). In the event of any unforeseen damages to the equipment, the account holder will be charged up to $500.00 for the replacement of the damaged equipment. For this reason, we offer the Protection Plan on the equipment for $5.00 per month. If the account holder is under the Protection Plan, FreedomNet will be responsible for all costs associated with the damages covered under the Protection Plan. FreedomNet uses point to multipoint wireless internet technology to provide Internet in the Country. All protected equipment is necessary for access to reliable high speed internet.

Click the link to view the terms of our Protection Plan.

Please contact the billing department if you would like to sign up.

Router and Configuration

As a subscriber to FreedomNet’s Internet in the Country, customers will need to have a Wi-Fi Router in order to access our wireless internet service. Customers can choose to either provide their own router or purchase one from FreedomNet. If you choose to purchase a Wireless Router from FreedomNet, our experienced technicians will configure your new ASUS Wireless-N300 Router to make sure everything is setup correctly.

Router Purchase Includes:

New ASUS Wireless-N300 Router

Experienced FreedomNet Technician will make sure router is secure, preventing unauthorized access to your home network.

Router: $75.00/one time charge


Choose the right plan for you.

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