Coverage Area

Our Local High Speed Internet is currently being offered in rural areas of the state of Michigan.

Interactive Coverage Map

Enter your address in the search bar below. If the address falls in the green area, our Local High Speed Internet is potentially available here. If the address falls outside of the green area, we currently do not offer service here. If for whatever reason the interactive coverage map isn’t showing up properly, please use this static coverage map as an alternative.

If your address is in the green area and you want to see what options we may have for you, please fill out our Contact Us Form.

Our Local High Speed Internet service is unable to reach 100% of all areas listed.
Obstructions such as trees, elevation, buildings, etc. all affect whether our Local High Speed Internet will be able to connect.
In most cases, an on-site assessment will need to be done at the address to verify whether a usable signal to one of our Local High Speed Internet service towers can be achieved.

Choose the right plan for you.

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