Here are some of the things our customers are saying about us and our High-Speed Internet service.

“My total experience with FreedomNet has been extremely satisfying from my first call to inquire about service to the installation. The salesperson that I spoke with when I first called was very professional. I appreciated how helpful he was in answering my questions and that he did not use pressure techniques to get me to sign up on the spot!  That was a huge plus! When the technician arrived to check to see if our address would be able to receive service to the completion of our installation he was very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. I couldn’t have had a more pleasant experience! How refreshing it is to connect with a business from 1st contact to installation that has employees that have such a serving heart and interest in the customer. Now that I have fast internet in rural Michigan, I would highly recommend FreedomNet to anyone I know.”


Hamilton Michigan

“Prior to FreedomNet, I was using HughesNet satellite internet service. Both the up-time reliability and internet speeds of FreedomNet are significantly better. The Basic Plan speed is good for occasional personal internet use and VoIP phone usage. I’m glad I found fast internet in rural Michigan!”


Grass Lake Michigan

“FreedomNet has given us great service! We now actually have dependable internet service that allows us to work from home when needed. We now have the ability to stream movies and game online.”


Fowlerville Michigan

“FreedomNet is reliable and offers good speeds. They are very comparable to what you would find in suburban areas. Our family is able to access fast internet in rural Michigan whenever even our online courses.”


Holland Michigan

“The updates to my connected systems (videogame systems, Windows) are very fast! The ping time for online gaming is excellent!”


Allegan Michigan

“We had a dish service for years and we hated the daily use cap. With FreedomNet’s unlimited service, I no longer have to fear and suffer with any daily or monthly usage caps each time Microsoft sends out an update.”


Nashville Michigan

“Before FreedomNet, we felt like we didn’t live in the modern world. We thought we would never find fast internet in rural Michigan. My kids were not able to submit their homework online when needed. FreedomNet’s service has improved our lifestyle because I can now pay bills and check credit card balances. With FreedomNet, I now trust the connection when I place an order online or watch a Netflix movie. We feel like we finally live in the modern world.”


Pleasant Lake Michigan

“When we first purchased our house we contacted Freedomnet and we were not eligible for service, so we ended up going with a cell card with a 5 GB per month cap. We really had to watch what we were doing to stay under that cap. When that plan contract expired, I contacted Freedomnet again. They had added a new service tower in our area since we checked last. This time the technician came out to perform the site evaluation and even though we had a lot of trees on the property, he determined that we would have no problem getting service. The unlimited service that we get from FreedomNet is nice!”


Howell Michigan

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