Common Questions

Get answers to several common questions regarding our Rural Internet in Michigan.

What type of internet does FreedomNet provide?

FreedomNet offers a point to multipoint wireless system utilizing the latest in wireless high speed radio equipment. Our point to multipoint wireless service towers sends a wireless signal to your address. On your address, we will install a subscriber module to receive that wireless signal and provide you with internet service. FreedomNet’s point to multipoint wireless system offers Rural Internet in Michigan that is very flexible, allowing our customers to customize the service to their internet needs.

Can I get "No Limits Internet" in the country?

If you live in a rural area of Michigan, our Rural Internet in Michigan may be available to you. FreedomNet specializes in providing internet to rural areas, using our point to multipoint wireless technology, we are able to provide you with some of the highest speed rural internet available. Contact Us today to find out if we offer service for your address.

What is Rural Internet in Michigan?

Rural Internet in Michigan is just what it sounds like – high speed reliable internet that’s available to rural, underserved areas of Michigan. Rural Internet in Michigan means you’ll never have to worry about having access to the world around you!

How do I get faster Rural Internet in Michigan?

If you live in rural Michigan and are looking for a faster Rural Internet in Michigan option, take a look at our Unlimited Monthly Plans to see if we have one that fits your needs. FreedomNet offers 5 great plan options for you to choose from. Our Basic Plan is great for basic browsing, emailing, and social networking. Our Advanced Plan and Premium Plan are great for streaming and online video games. If you have several people looking to use the service, our Ultimate Plan is a great option. Our Light Speed plan offers the fastest internet connection we provide.

Is FreedomNet's Rural Internet in Michigan a good option for me?

FreedomNet’s low latency time (response time between network devices) is much faster than most other rural internet options (satellite services). Satellites high latency prevents users from playing online video games or effectively streaming video. FreedomNet’s low latency service is great for online video games and video streaming. If you’re in our Wireless Coverage Area and would like more information on if FreedomNet’s Rural Internet in Michigan is a good option for you, please feel free to contact us.

How does FreedomNet's Rural Internet in Michigan service work?

FreedomNet’s Rural Internet in Michigan service is offered through a network of service towers powered by radio transmitters. In order to receive FreedomNet’s point to multipoint wireless Rural Internet in Michigan, a subscriber module (antenna/radio placed at the highest point on location) needs to be installed in a fixed location at the customer’s site. That subscriber module will then receive a wireless signal from one of our point to multipoint wireless service towers, providing Rural Internet in Michigan to your location. We will then run an Ethernet connection into the home or business for you to physically connect to the internet. From here you can connect a wireless router or physically plug into a computer, depending on how you would like to set up the service up in your home or business.

How do I get FreedomNet's Rural Internet in Michigan?

In order to access FreedomNet’s Rural Internet in Michigan, simply call 866.669.4737 and schedule a site evaluation of your address. A site evaluation is necessary because FreedomNet uses a point to multipoint wireless system in which a clear line of sight within range of a FreedomNet service tower is typically needed. A technician will come out to your address to check if the signal meets FreedomNet’s installation standards and if so, identify the site evaluation as positive. At this point, a member of the FreedomNet Sales Team will call to relay the results and if desired, schedule an installation of FreedomNet’s Rural Internet in Michigan. Contact Us to schedule a Site Evaluation.

How much does a Site Evaluation cost?

There are no charges for a Site Evaluation. FreedomNet will perform the evaluation as a preliminary test to make sure that we can provide service at your home or business. Contact Us to schedule a Site Evaluation.

Will my Rural Internet in Michigan connection be secure?

Yes. All of FreedomNet’s wireless internet connections are encrypted to maximize security. If you would like to make sure your home wireless network is secure, we can install a wireless router and/or configure it for you.

Can I upgrade my High Speed Rural Internet in Michigan?

FreedomNet offers 5 great monthly Rural Internet in Michigan plan options for you to choose from. Each monthly plan is designed to cater to a different type of internet user, depending on your internet needs. All of our wireless internet plans are based on availability and may not be available in your area. Contact Us to find out whats available in your area.

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