How It Works

Here are the ins and outs of how our Wireless Michigan High Speed Internet service works.

Wireless Internet

FreedomNet’s Wireless Michigan High Speed Internet allows users to connect online, without a wire-line connection. Instead of requiring a wire-line, our service uses wireless equipment that allows us to connect your address to our wireless network.

Before we install a new location with our service, we will perform a site evaluation at the property. For the site evaluation, we will send a technician out to the address to physically check whether our service will work and what options we may have available.

Local Partners

Nearly all of our Wireless Michigan High Speed Internet service towers are owned by a local community partner. Many of our partners are area property owners and farmers that own tall structures where we can mount our networking equipment. These tall structures are where we mount our wireless internet equipment.

The wireless internet equipment mounted on a tower is what allows us to provide Wireless Michigan High Speed Internet to the surrounding area.

Different Frequencies

In order to connect each individual address with our Wireless Michigan High Speed Internet service, we use several different types of radio frequencies. Using various frequencies allows us to use the optimal frequency for each area. Taking into account frequency density, obstructions, and geographic layout.

When we perform a site evaluation at a prospective address, among other things, we will be testing for what frequency may be best for that location to receive service.

Our Belief

We believe that rural Michigan should have access to the same type of internet as more urban areas. We work hard each and every day to make this a reality. Day by day, our Wireless Network continues to grow and evolve.

If you’re ever wondering if we provide service in your area, or may potentially have interest in doing so, please contact us. We would love to discuss new partnerships and areas for us to provide our wireless internet service.

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